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Welcome to FTP Law which is a business review website that focuses on providing our readers with genuine business reviews so that they can make informed decisions on their purchases. We most review service based businesses in Australia but we’re open to reviewing any business from all around the world. Have you ever purchased a service only to find out later that you were ripped off? Or what about someone who ended up getting a lot less value for their money and they ended up losing money in the long run because the service provided was really bad.

That’s where FTP Law comes in! We’re here to provide you with genuine and reliable business reviews. All our reviews are submitted by our readers and then carefully checked by our staff and then published. If you’re looking for the right tradie in your area then make sure to check if we’ve reviewed that business first, before you decide to go ahead and use them.

Why You Should Consider Building Your Own Cat Enclosure For Your Cat

There are many reasons as to why you should consider getting a cat enclosure that is going to keep your cat safe. Though many people know what their cats need, it is important that you are able to identify a cat enclosure that truly defines your cat and what you want for it. Some of the things that you should consider when you are thinking of building cat enclosures in Melbourne are:

  1. It is important that you think about the size of the kind of enclosure that you are going to build and you should make sure that your cat will be comfortable in it.’
  2. You should also think about the design of the cat enclosure such that you do not miss anything that is important or that suits the kind of life that your cat deserves.
  3. The materials are also going to play a key role into what kind of cat enclosure that you will build.
  4. You should also make sure that the cat enclosure will be placed in a place that is easily accessible by both the cat and you.
  5. The location is also going to matter a lot and is going to help decide the size and design of the kind of cat enclosure that you build.

With that in mind, there are a number of benefits that you will enjoy when you build your own cat enclosure as opposed to buying one. Some of the benefits that you get are discussed below.

You will decide the kind of materials that you will use to build your cat enclosure.

A cat enclosure is one of the safest ways of making sure that your cat does not get exposed to any harm. Basically, when you build your own cat enclosures in Melbourne region you are able to decide on the kind materials that you will use and where they will be used. You will only use high quality materials which means that it is going to last for a long period of time.

Once done you will save on costly vet bills that keep coming.

There are many costs that you may incur when your cat is loitering from one neighbours house to another. You may end up with problems with your neighbours and also the possibility that your cat will get diseases from the nearby cats that keep fighting it. To make sure that this does not happen, you should build a cat enclosure that truly reflects the kind of life that you want for your cat.

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Qualities Of A Good Plumbing Company To Hire

Are thinking about hiring a plumbing services company? Do you know what the problem is in your house? Have you already decide on what kind of company you should hire? Do you know what it takes to have a good plumbing service repairs carried out?

There are many qualities of a good plumbing repair company which can help you to b able to know which company you should hire. Some of the best qualities of a good plumbing company are discussed below. It is important to note that it is important that you ensure that you are careful when deciding on which company you should hire and why you need to hire them.

A good plumbing company is reliable and offers quality services to their clients at all times. The most important thing that you need to know about plumbing services is that you need to find a company that has staff that are qualified enough to offer quality services.

In any market there are some companies that claim that they can offer you with high quality services but they do not even know how to do it. They could be using another company to offer you services hence ripping you off. The best thing to do is to make sure that you are hiring the right people for the job.

Certification is also important as it serves as an assurance that a company is licensed to offer such kind of services. To avoid scammers and thieves, the best thing that you can do is to make sure that you hire services that are up to standards.

If a company has not been certified by the regulating bodies within its location, then there is need to be cautious as they may not know what kind of materials they will need to solve a problem or how they can even handle a problem before them. Use people that are certified to offer:

  1. Problems with leaking pipes and taps.
  2. Unclogging drainage systems.
  3. Frozen pipes.
  4. Plumbing camera inspection.
  5. Sewage backups.
  6. Sewer line replacement and installation, etc

A good drainage system saves on time and cot thus when hiring a company, think about their cost for the services that they are offering. If they are not standard and the fees are too high, then it is best to make sure that you avoid them. Use services which are standard and that reflect on the cost that you spend. Do not hire plumbing services from companies that cannot guarantee quality services.

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The best concepts on how to grow taller

Most of the people who are short are faced with many challenges to the extent they wish they were taller like those who are. There is a lot of discrimination when it comes to short people that at times make it look like they are not part of the others. In most workplaces, there are those people who don’t like associating or even working with short people.

It is not a rare occasion to find a short person been easily ignored when making a suggestion or opinion or even find them been promoted to higher and demanding positions within the firm or organization. This is attributed to the fact that they are seen to be inferior and lack the commanding voice that would lead the organization to higher ranks. As such, there are many ways through which they can be able to increase height and size up.

Supplements are on the increase in the market hence there are those which are believed to be causing an increase in the height of a person. There are many things however that a person needs to consider if at all they want to grow taller especially when it comes to the supplements they want to take.

It is important to be sure that they do not contain any substances that can cause harm. Doing a thorough research can go a long way into ensuring that you don’t end up a victim of supplements which contain substances that are not healthy for the body.

Sleep is yet another important ingredient on how to get taller. There are many people who don’t spend quality time sleeping. Lack of sleep especially enough sleep can cause plenty of health problems thus it is important to be certain that you need to sleep more often.

During sleep, the body is able to relax, repair any damaged tissues and enhance growth of the body. This is one of the best ways on how to grow taller for idiots.

What you eat basically defines who you are thus if you don’t eat enough it is likely that your body is not growing as is expected. Also you should ensure that you are having a balanced diet at all times. Most people take foods without any plan hence their bodies may experience stunted growth which is not good.

In order to ensure that you are eating a healthy diet, you should consult a nutritionist to be guided on the best diet plan that you should come up with. This is also an important aspect on how to grow taller 4 idiots does it work.

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Why We Buy Our Scarves Online

This week we were reviewing some of the leading sites selling scarves online and we found to our amazement a new comer in the league who has ticked all the right boxes.

Why Buy Scarves Online is way ahead of its competition in our opinion in terms of both the collection they have and the pricing. Really, its the truth, because if you are to analyse thoroughly you will disocver that since these guys offer free shipping its really worth every penny. That is so not the case with the other retailers online who definitely have a cap on the order before they will allow free shipping.

This could be as high as $100 for some of the scarves retailers online. But, Buy Scarves Online Australia, beats each and every one of those because, as we are all aware that the postage even for standard through Australia Post costs nothing less than $9-$10 or so.

But thats not all, they also offer hassle free returns over a 30 day period, now this shows confidence in their products and at the same time gives us also ample time to try out the scarves, eventually we ended up buying a beautiful red scarf from their Winter collection. We also found the scarves to be of pretty good quality apart from being gorgeous of-course. But you may want to try it out yourself, so just head to Buy Scarves Online and be amazed by the beautiful fashion scarves available to shop online.

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The Best Places To Have Concrete Polished Floors

Concrete polishing is fast gaining a name in the world a one of the best types of floors to have in mot residential and commercial places. As such some people are not really certain about where they should have such a floor.

Most contractors agree that there is something unique about having a concrete polished floor in most of the places especially where there is a lot of activity going on. Independent floors Melbourne have many advantages. Below are some of advantages of having a concrete polished floor:

  1. It has sustainable designs since the materials are readily available.
  2. It has a relatively high coefficient of friction hence making it non-slippery.
  3. It reduces dust mite and allergen.
  4. A highly reflective concrete floor reduces lighting needs and improves natural lighting.
  5. It has a long life especially if it has been hardened and properly polished.

Concrete flooring is mostly preferred in warehouses as it is easy to clean and maintain. Concrete polishing is mostly preferred by many people for warehouses as it reduces lighting needs and improves natural lighting.

The floor is also able to handle high traffic especially when there are forklifts and trucks coming in and going out. It does not also leave tire marks or footsteps on the floor as with many other floors. This makes it easy to clean and also maintain.

Concrete polishing is also preferred for airports. If you walk into most airports, you will notice the floor is made of concrete polishing. This is because it is easy to put up and also maintain. It also has a classy finish that is elegant and up to the required standards for slipperiness.

When putting up a new floor, it is important to know how safe it is for other people to walk on it without slipping. Concrete polishing has been accepted as a non-slippery type of floor hence mostly preferred in most airports.We recommend epoxy flooring services in Melbourne.

For most hospitals, the type of floor that is used is made from concrete polishing. In fact it has been the most preferred type of floor for many years. This is because the hospital floor should always be clean and free from dust and that kind of floor is only possible if you have a concrete polished floor.

It is also easy to maintain and does not leave footsteps and also tire marks left by hospital beds or wheelchairs.

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How to Protect Yourself Legally When Hiring a Home Painter

mississauga painters

Getting your house repainted is a major commitment.  It requires that you invest anywhere from a 1,000$ to over 10,000$ for larger houses and exterior painting.

Because getting your house painted is such a huge deal and financial commitment, its important that you protect yourself legally when working with a painting contractor.

I consulted John from Painters GTA, a local Mississauga Painting company, who filled me in on how customers can protect themselves when dealing with a home painter.

1.  Always Sign a Contract.

Make sure you always have a contract written down that details the exact expectations from both parties, including the home painter, and the lawyer.  Write down the price, deadlines, and penalties if either party breaks the agreement.  Make sure the contract is looked at carefully be your lawyer.

2. Document Progress.

You want to make sure that each day’s work is documented.  Have them take pictures after each day of work, and keep those pictures as progress trackers.  You can also write down notes as well.  The main thing is to have a method of documentation.  This is key because if you go to a court for this, you’ll need to ensure everything is documented from your own end.

painting in mississauga

3.  Always Check Reviews Before Committing. 

Its important to check out what other customers have to say.  Do a thorough and deep analysis of the painting contractor’s past reviews and history with customers.  Don’t just look at the first few results on Google, but dig into page 2 or 3.  Sometimes business owners hire reputation management companies to push down bad  reviews.  Make sure you dig in and look for any skeletons in the closet.  Make sure they have a website because that usually means they’re serious about their business.

4.  You Get What You Pay For

If you expect good work at a low price, you may get scammed.  Most high quality painters who’ve been in the business for 20+ years charge a reasonably high rate.  You wouldn’t expect a lawyer with 20 years of experience to charge the same as a lawyer who just graduated law school, so don’t expect it in the home painting industry.  Be willing to pay for quality, and you’ll have a much smoother end result.  Obviously make sure to follow the other steps on this guide as well.

Make sure to hire a painting company that services multiple locations, as they are more likely to be more experienced and better at dealing with your project.

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The Top Excavator Hire Company in Melbourne

For our first post we wanted to give a business review on something we used recently. I was looking to get my front yard landscaping done by myself because I’ve got some experience in working with a landscaper in the past. While we were installing some of the ground work, we noticed a massive rock that was in the dirt and therefore we needed to get an excavator to come in and excavate the site so that we can remove the rock.

We tried calling up many different companies and were getting incredibly overpriced quotes and daily hire rates! That’s when my brother who is also in the landscaping field told me that he uses an excavator hire service in Melbourne that’s considered one of the best in the industry. These guys have some of the most competitive rates and they’re highly reliable! That’s what I was told. Well anyway out of desperation we made one more call to see if we can get something that won’t cost us an arm and a leg.

That’s when we met the team at Excavator Hire Melbourne VIC and they were able to provide us with the machinery to get the job done. Not only did they promptly send over their excavator but they also provided an operator to come by who was very skilled and experienced. When he arrived, we got him to have a look at the rock and he knew exactly what to do. Well to say the least, he got the job done and was on his way within the hour and it hardly cost us anything, we’ve now fully developed the front yard and it looks great!

If any of you are looking for an excavator hire in Melbourne then we’d highly recommend to you the team at Excavator Hire Melbourne VIC. We’ve only heard good things about them. They’ve got a great website that you can visit or you can check them out on search and call them up.

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